Event Industry Brief And Potential:

The events industry is an ideal example of an industry in transition, enthused with innovation. Since 2002, it has been growing at a rate of 16% CAGR and is poised to grow at 20% during the coming years. The ability of the industry to adapt and grow with innovative technology is driving its exponential growth.

We have long surpassed the times when family members stood glued at the wedding gates with a jaw-breaking-smile on their faces throughout a wedding, acknowledging attendee footfalls ranging from a couple of 100s to a few 1000s in number.

Even though this marks a high level of personal attention towards being hospitable, it clearly needed to be backed-up with smarter, less exhausting yet highly personalized acts.

In terms of clientele, the corporate world provides the most business to event firms. Corporates represent 75% of the total clients for the firms, of which 19% were MNCs and 36% were Indian. The government and public sector were the second largest employers, at 11%, while High Network Individuals comprised 9%. Associations constituted the remaining 5% of the clientele. And the most remarkable feature is that an average of 26% of the total employees of the respondents consists of women employees!

Franchisee Facts

Area Required
Busy Street Store At Ground Floor within 600-1200 sq feet

Rs.15 lakhs - Rs.35 lakhs (including rentals, interiors, procurement of rental products, gift stocks and store essentials)

One Time Brand Fee
Rs.5,00,000 (10% concession for women women entrepreneurs)

Royalty Fee
10% (on both product and services)

The BunnyBash.in Advantages

  • In-house training and workshops
  • In-house printing, laser and production house
  • An ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Recognised brand name across India
  • Payback within 3 years of business
  • First year positive ROI
  • Easy to run model with 24x7 assistance
  • In-house digital and BTL team
  • R&D and continuous innovation in party themes, gifts and services

Franchisee Support / Benefits From BunnyBash.in

  • Assistance in shortlisting and finalising location
  • Assistance in B2B and institutional connect
  • Strong and easy to use software, CRM system and POS
  • Support in designing the workspace, purchasing rental equipments
  • Support in staff recruitment, training quality control and store operations
  • Develop your marketing efforts and local campaigns
  • Store launch activity, offline local marketing and co-branding
  • 12 months of continuous radius based (5 km) online marketing support
  • Supply of imported return gifts and personalised gifts

The next step

  • Complete the form provided at the right hand side
  • Initial Ice breaking call for more inputs. We will be happy to clear your doubts
  • Share your confidential profile and financial details
  • Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), read, sign and send it back
  • We will organise the Discovery Day for you where you will get an opportunity for behind the scene tour, workshops, training and meet the franchisee support staff.
  • Signing of agreement will be done within 7 days from the Discovery Day along with franchise fee!

Disclaimer: *Market conditions and prices may vary. Franchisee Caution is advised. As returns are based on many factors, returns are not guaranteed and we will not be responsible for the projected figures. The information provided on this website may change at any time without any prior intimation. The latest information may or may not be updated on the website.