Pink And Blue Balloon Backdrop With Custom Name | Birthday Party Balloon Decoration

₹3,499 ₹4,999 30% Saving
Party Service TypeDecoration

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the possibilities to modify the decor packages at home? ANSWER: Creativity has endless possibilities but to reduce confusion we suggest to be minimalistic. Else you can opt for custom party decoration as per your preference and imagination. Please note that modification may cost you a little extra.

  2. What is ‘Pay After Service’? ANSWER: ‘Pay After Service’ is a token of faith to show our dedication to regular clients. However, we charge 1000 as a non-refundable advance to book a slot for new customers. The complete settlement is requested immediately after service, paid in cash, online or UPI (bunnybash@upi)

  3. Can I cancel the party booking? We understand that adverse circumstances and situations knock suddenly, thus we refund 100% if cancellation happens 72 hours prior to the party, post that flat 1000 will be charged as a cancellation fee for decor packages at home.

  4. Can I book ‘At Home’ decor packages for party hall? ANSWER: Our decor packages at home are designed for the indoor area of max 15” ft*15” ft. If your party hall measures nearly the same then you can opt at your own risk! All prior permissions and customer presence at the venue is must make your party decor quick, hassle-free and as per your chosen pattern if any! 

  5. Are there any additional charges or hidden costs? ANSWER: Our prices are affordable, inclusive of in-city transportation and taxes. Additional transportation charges are for remote and non-service areas.

  6. Do ‘At Home’ decor also means roof-top and backyard? ANSWER: Roof-top and backyard decor are part of our ‘At Home’ nomenclature. Please check the description and ‘Ideal For’ filter to confirm the execution.

  7. Will the balloon sticking will leave marks or peel-off paint? ANSWER: This is a very common yet important question. We use high quality and durable tape for longer stability. If your wall has multiple paint layers or poor quality base putty then you should prefer paper tape over clear tape or double side tapes. Clear tape or double side tape may leave glue marks, which can be cleaned with wipes. Please ask the party decorator for TAPE TEST before initiating the decoration.  

  8. Can I provide an extra party decorative? ANSWER: We discourage the use of external decoration products as per our company policy. Also due to continuous appointments, it is very difficult to meet for expectations in this regard. Please inform the sales or booking team if you are planning to do so, then we can provide you an extra decorator with an additional cost.

  9. Can I get a GST bill for input credit? Sorry! Retail customers will unable to get the GST bill for input credit. Registered corporate customers will get their invoice against the purchase order within 48 hours of job completion. 

  10. How can I order party rental products along with decor package? ANSWER: You can book party decoration online and enquire about rental product availability. If the rental product is available on the desire party date then both rental and decoration will be delivered on time as per order.