Surprise Helium Balloon Box | Chrome Balloons | Surprise Gift Box For Birthday, Anniversary

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You call it a surprise balloon box but we call it a HAPPINESS HEALIUM BOX. The balloons emerging from the box will definitely bring the brightest smile on your loved one's face. A unique and ideal gift for your long friend, colleague, or family member's birthday, anniversary, or any sort of surprise. Wish them with this lovely surprise helium balloon box. Your order includes:

  1. Twenty (20) premium chrome balloons with pure helium
  2. 18"x18" inch branded box with a gift wrap
  3. Premium tin box in heart shape filled with chocolates
  4. A greeting tag with your personal message
  5. Hand-delivered by a professional with a delivery video

Please refer to FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) or Specification section for more product details. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What happens if my balloons in the banquet or surprise box arrive damaged? ANSWER: We have fewer than 1in 200 arrive with an issue. If this unfortunately happens, then don’t worry, our home delivery team will replace the damaged ones as they carry some extra filled balloons with them. If the complete set is found to be damaged then we will replace your damaged banquet/surprise box with the new one if it is under your time frame. Else 100% of the money will be refunded.

  2. What choices do I have for balloon colors and personalization? ANSWER: We offer virtually endless choices of colors and for personalization. So as not to make it too confusing, we have narrowed down the choices for most popular color sets which have been curated from our 3 years of industry knowledge. If you would like to make something truly bespoke then drop us an email at and we can make and confirm these changes.

  3. How much advance booking/notice do I have to give? ANSWER: Sooner the better! You can order as far as 3 months in advance and a minimum of 24 hours prior to the selected booking slot. Please note that we work on the slots. We have a total of 5 slots in a day, thus our services are completely dependent on available slots in the desired service city. 

  4. How you deliver balloon banquets and surprise balloon boxes? ANSWER: Our general deliveries are done through cab services like Ola or Uber. In the case of personalized services or in-person delivery, we appoint a delivery agent or party executer.

  5. Is helium safe? ANSWER: Helium is a noncombustible and non-flammable gas. Please do not confuse between the hydrogen and helium balloons. Helium balloons are 8-10 times costly than hydrogen ones.

  6. How long will my air-filled balloon float for? ANSWER: Our signature/premium balloons have a float time of 48 hours, but this can vary hugely depending on the balloon quality, air sealing style, how, and where they are kept! Helium does not like the cold so leaving it in an air-conditioned room will reduce the life of the balloon dramatically. Keeping a LEAKAGE PROOF balloon at room temperature will always ensure the longest life. Foil balloons, which we offer inflated, have a float time of 72 hours or more depending upon general care conditions.

  7. Can I change my delivery address? ANSWER: We will be happy to serve you with changed address, please make sure that you request the change 24 hours prior to the delivery within the city limits/15 km radius. 

  8. How much can I write on my gift tag? Our gift cards/tags have a space of 150 characters. This is to make sure your words fit beautifully on the card and are legible for the recipient. We find that this is usually enough for our customers to say what they would like to!

  9. Can I have multiple orders in case of festive wishes? ANSWER: Thank you for choosing us to deliver your wishes during festivals. For multiple or corporate orders please call us directly at 7760299299 or email us at